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Trucking Professionals

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Truck drivers - whether day drivers or over-the-road specialists - have learned how valuable our knowledge and experience can be to their profession. We know the industry and can produce monthly or quarterly financial statements, prepare IFTA reports, calculate required estimated tax deposits and track r overnights for per diem purposes. Did you know that day drivers also have the right to use per diem based upon a 24-hour day?

If you are an independent contractor we can help you structure your business to take full advantage of benefits created for smaller trucking companies. Our trucking experience is second to no one and we have assisted hundreds of drivers in forming corporations and/or LLC's, and then taking advantage of state and local laws to lower their taxes.

We can and have worked from receipts saved in a monthly manila envelope to weekly settlement sheets received directly from the primary carrier.

With more than 130 possible deductible expenses during each trip you make, trust your work to our team of trucking specialists. We have, can and will save you time and tax dollars.

“One of the best accountants I've dealt with in my 7 years of being an O/O in the trucking industry.”

-           David Hawkins, satisfied client 

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